Monday May 14 – Pendleton, Oregon

After months of planning the day is finally here.  We left home this morning around 9 am and headed over the great pass of Snoqualmie on the way to Pendleton Oregon. The trip itself was quite uneventful, the roads were dry (with a little road work), the sky was blue and the temperature was warm.  Actually by Western Washington standards the weather was HOT.  It was pretty warm when we found 2 geocaches at the rest area in Oregon where we stopped for lunch from the frig.  When we pulled into the campground in Pendleton the thermometer was registering somewhere around 87 degrees.  We saw on FaceBook that Seattle hit 80 degrees.   The campground isn’t kept up as well as it was when we camped here with Captain and Reva several years ago.  We had to set up in a hurry because the slot machines at the Casino next door to the campground were calling Dianne’s name.  Did we win anything you ask?   We played on our $20 each for 2 ½ hours and left with some of our original stake.  Let us say that the Indians were just glad to see us and look forward to our return.  Send money….

If you were thinking of purchasing bug spray this year you may not need to bother.  Our front window singlehandedly wiped out 3 species in a single day.  Time to get out the ladder and the bucket.  

Wild Horse 1

Washing off the bug Massacre

A man’s work is never done.


“TiPi” Village at the Wild Horse Casino

 Tomorrow is a short trip to Caldwell, Idaho.

Gas Watch   –      Yakima WA,        $4.36                     Umatilla, OR       $3.85

Geocache Count  –           2

Total License Plates Spotted – 12 states and 1 Province


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  1. #1 by eppelbird on May 15, 2012 - 11:20 am

    That’s what I like to see, she’s in the Casino and you are washing off the bug stuff.
    Sound like you are off to a good start. Enjoy, later, Edna

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