Tuesday May 15 – Caldwell, Idaho

Today we got up and left early for Caldwell. NOT… You see Caldwell is only 190 miles from Pendleton so today warranted a nice unhurried morning.  So unhurried we didn’t leave Pendleton until 10:30.  Why rush – we are on vacation.

No geocache finds to report today. The rest stop were we had lunch had one that looked like it would be and easy find out in the middle of this huge grass and weed covered field. With GPS in hand we headed out into the uncharted wilderness.  Just before we set foot in the wilderness Dianne asked about why there were so many signs posted warning about rattle snakes…..so before we could have a toe to teeth encounter with a snake we beat a hasty retreat back to the safe confines of the motorhome  and continued down the road.

If anyone knows the phone number of Stephen Hawkins would you please forward it on to us.  You see, we encountered an anomaly in the time/space continuum, possibly even a wormhole.  Just before we came to the Oregon/Idaho border we came to a spot where we actually traveled forward in time by 1 hour.  At one time it was 1:38 PM and then a split second later it was 2:38 PM.   When we told someone about this phenomenon they looked at us in a real strange way and said something about passing into the Mountain Time Zone.  Time Zone my foot, come on give us a break.  Let’s get Stephen on the phone and set these people straight.    

We have seen quite a few recently born animals – foals, kids, calves and lambs so far. 

No pictures today.  Not much to take pictures of.  They probably would have been distorted going through the wormhole anyway.  Sunny and high 80’s.  Oh, our windshield wiped out another couple species of insects again today.

Tomorrow Brigham City, Utah.

Happy Traveling.

Gas Watch:  Wildhorse gas station just east of Pendleton, OR  $4.05    Caldwell  $3.69

Geocache  Count:  Today    0   Trip total:  2

Total license plates spotted:  19 states and 1 province




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