Wednesday May 16 – Brigham City Utah

We left Caldwell, ID at 9 this morning in beautiful sunshine and arrived at our campground in Brigham City, UT at 3 this afternoon under overcast skies but with no rain and 80 degrees.  The trip included a stop at a rest area for lunch and a stop at a Visitor’s Center as we were coming into Utah.  Found one geocache at the Visitor’s Center and went looking for another but discovered we would have to wade through waist high grass to get to it.  The snake (not a rattler) right at the edge of the grass was a big deterrent for Dianne and we decided to not try to find that one.  After all, we geocache for fun not the number of finds and if one doesn’t look like fun, there’s always a bunch more to go hunt for.  Once we checked in we found 4 geocaches here in Brigham City and have lots of them to look for when we go out to the Golden Spike National Historic Site tomorrow.  Not nearly as many bugs on the windshield today.  Don’t think we wiped out even one species on this leg of the trip.

 Gas Watch – $3.60 for unleaded and $3.98 for diesel in Brigham City.

 Geocaches Today – 5   Trip total   7

 License Plates Spotted – 27 States, 1 Canadian Province, 1 Mexican state


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