Friday May 18, Moab Utah

 We didn’t get much sleep last night. It was soooo windy so the motorhome bounced around plus small stuff from the tree in our campsite kept thumping on our roof. We were very glad it worked out that we did our sighseeing yesterday. Left Brigham City at 8:30 this morning under very dark and stormy skies and 60 degree temperature. Our weather as we traveled south through Salt Lake City included high winds, sideways heavy rain, thunder and lightning and a big dust storm. And to top it off they were doing a major road construction project on the highway. This meant that they had most of the highway lanes narrowed down. Now picture this, 40 MPH crosswinds, monsoon type rains, a 8 foot wide motorhome driving in a 10 foot wide highway lane, and 3,876 semi trucks that want to pass you going 85 MPH (in a 55 MPH zone) with their tires on your side of the line. A lot of white knuckle moments.

Once we headed southeast over 7740 foot high Soldier Summit on our way to Moab things improved a bunch-but the wind never went away. During our lunch stop at a rest area we almost got blown away but managed to find a geocache. We pulled into our campsite about 2:30 with high fluffy clouds, sun and temperature in the low 80’s. Good thing we made reservations before leaving home. Found out May is their busiest month here and most of the campgrounds and hotels have “full” signs up. Went into Moab to look at gas station access for the motorhome when we leave and support the local economy by visiting the shops. We spent time in Moab 3 years ago so have already been to the national parks and done a pretty in depth exploration of the town. Bought a few things and found a Nordic Salad shop. (Nordic Salad was Captain’s definition of ice cream and he had special radar for finding it). Tomorrow we plan a return trip to Arches National Park and finding dinosaur tracks. We might be able to fit some geocaching into that schedule. Forgot to mention that I got my national park GP (Geezer Pass) yesterday at the Golden Spike. Dianne got her LOL pass (Little Old Lady pass) at Arches when we were here a few years ago. Interesting that we both came so far from home to get our passes.

 Geocache Count Today 1 Trip Total 17

License plates spotted – 32 States, 4 Canadian Province, 1 Mexican state

Who wants one?

  1. #1 by Valerie on May 20, 2012 - 9:10 am

    Does the cactus have soft spikes instead of ouchie ones?

    • #2 by Wayne on May 20, 2012 - 9:14 am

      Want to pet it and find out?
      Hint: It’s a real cactus…:-)

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