Saturday May 19 – Moab, UT

We had a much needed quiet, restful night here in Moab and awoke to a beautiful sunny day.  Up and at em this morning to try to get to Arches National Park before hordes of people filled the parking spaces at the pullouts and used up all the scenery before we could get our cameras out.  Lots of people there already when we arrived at 9 AM.  Saved us $10 by using my new Old Geezer Pass.  I wanted it to be just a Geezer Pass but when Dianne got hers 3 years ago I named it her Little Old Lady Pass and she felt it was only fair that “old” be a part of the name of my pass too.  We did take a lot of pictures and saw most of what we wanted to see.  There were areas where there was no parking left and cars were blocking traffic waiting for someone to leave so they could park. We saw a sign stating that the park has “1,000,000 visitors a year and counting”.  Well they don’t have to count very hard I think that there were a million people in the park today.  We would have been disappointed except when we were here 3 years ago it was in June when it is much warmer and park attendance is lower.  We spent 2 days in the park and saw everything we wanted to see at that time but we did see things today we didn’t notice before.  Met nice people from Amsterdam and then spent a lot of time talking to Helmut and Maria from Munich as we hiked out to the Double Arch.  This is their second time visiting the US and the only thing they really wanted to see again was Arches.  They told about their hotel near here advertising a free continental breakfast and then finding out it consisted of only a closely monitored 2 “sheets” of toasted bread and 1- 1/2 cups of coffee.  They asked us the name of the giant rolling plant that crashed into the side of their rental car as they were driving along yesterday and thought tumbleweed was very appropriate.  They also were very confused about some kind of camping unit they had read about that has 5 wheels.  A description of a 5th wheel trailer answered that one.  We had lunch from our ice chest in the truck and headed north to find the dinosaur tracks.  Got some nice pictures of 2 antelope as we followed the dirt road to the tracks.  Took pictures of the tracks and found a geocache (one of 9 today).  Went back into town to fill the truck with gas ($3.85) and then back to the motorhome to look at the pictures we took today, have dinner and work on the blog.

Tomorrow is another travel day all the way to Monticello Utah a whopping 57 miles away.  I hope we get there in time for dinner.   It is supposed to be sunny so we should be able to find a good place to view the eclipse.

The link(s) below will get you to my Skydrive account that has a few pictures from today. Once you get to the folder you can double click on the first photo to get a slide show.!213&authkey=!AFsh30JnHAtIjKw


Geocache count  Today 9    Trip Total 26

License plates spotted – 34 States, Washington DC, 4 Canadian Province, 1 Mexican state

Gas Watch   Moab  $3.85

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