Sunday May 20 – Monticello, UT

Today we had to travel all the way to Monticello Utah-a whole 60 miles away -so we had a very casual morning and left Moab at the early hour of noon.  After stopping to fill the motorhome with gas and following some very slow cars we pulled into Monticello in the southeast corner of Utah around 1:30.  When we made reservations at the RV park they said that they would save a spot for us. Well guess what – they lied!  They didn’t save a spot – they saved the whole RV park for us.   It was totally empty.  Not a rig nor a soul in site. The office was locked with a sign on the door saying to pick a place to park and pay later when the office was open.  A little box beside the office door that we thought may hold some self registration forms only contained some cash that apparently someone stuffed in there to pay for their spot on a previous day.  Don’t you love small town America?

After setting up we decided to go 60 miles further south to The Natural Bridges National Monument. The scenery getting there was amazing – huge red cliff walls, acres of slick rocks, and buttes and mesas everywhere.

Once we got to Natural Bridges we realized that it should be called “Natural Toll Bridges” since they charge $6 a car to enter.  I whipped out the Old Geezer Pass and we avoided the toll trolls. The park has a nine mile loop road that leads to overlooks and trails.  Overall it was very interesting.   Dianne keeps wondering what demented person creates so many trails that are downhill going and uphill on the way back.  What is the difference between a natural bridge and an arch you ask?   Well let me put on my professor robes and tell you. Natural bridges are formed by erosive action of moving water.  Arches are formed by other erosional forces, mainly frost action and seeping moisture.  Now when you go on Jeopardy you can say “Give me Natural Bridges for $200 Alex”.

We got back to camp just in time to see the annular eclipse.  Monticello was not in the path of the ring of fire but, since I brought welding mask glass and the weather was clear, we did get to see and take pictures of about 98% of the sun blocked out by the moon.  Way cool.

Tomorrow we will be visiting The Needles area of Canyon Lands National Park.

Stay tuned for another exciting episode.

Once again the link(s) below will get you to my Skydrive account that has a few pictures from today. Once you get to the folder you can click on the first photo to get a slide show.!234&authkey=!AHHkvbV4SBSKswE



Good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are.

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