Friday May 25 – Cortez CO

We were really industrious today and visited four states.  Of course we did it by visiting Four Corners Monument located about 40 miles southwest of where we are camped in Cortez, CO.  We traveled through extremely desolate countryside in 40 mile/hour winds and a dust storm to get there.  As my dad used to say “It is so desolate that the jack rabbits have to pack a lunch to cross the road”. The Navajo Indians own the land where UT, CO, AZ and NM meet – the only place in the US where 4 states come together.  They charge $3 a person to stand, sit, spread-eagle or whatever on the bronze plaque and the site is ringed by stalls where the Indians have jewelry, shirts, food and other trinkets for sale.  Not exactly a destination but a fun place to say you have been.  One more thing to scratch off the bucket list. On the way back we stopped in Shiprock, NM, found a little bit of shade by a tree and ate our picnic lunch in the truck.  It was too windy and dusty to eat outside.  We were near a Sonic Drive-In and it was fun watching the girls on skates being blown backwards on their skates with items on their trays flying around.  Well maybe not that bad but the wind and blowing dust did made it really hard for them to skate to the cars while keeping the food items on the trays.  The place was busy but it is hard to imagine how the customers kept the dust from permeating their food before they could get it into their vehicles.  Two little prairie dogs in a large dirt lot entertained us running all around in the wind.  We thought they should go back underground before they got blown away. Shiprock is not what you would call a destination place.  If you take away the dozen or so fast food places and the half dozen gas stations what you have left is a wide spot in the road with a high school and a hospital.   We headed back to Cortez and stopped for gas at the local casino.  $3.73 for regular and $3.69 for diesel.  First time we have seen diesel cheaper than regular in years.  We should have just gotten back on the road and kept going but both of us needed to use a restroom and since we were in the casino anyway……  Well, like I said, we should have just gotten back on the road and kept going.  If you know what I mean.  On Monday the RV Park is having a Memorial Day get together and is providing fried chicken, rolls and place settings with the park guests contributing the rest of the meal.  We signed up to participate on our way out this morning and found cookies in a bakery decorated in red, white and blue.  Seeing the graduation cakes in the bakery reminded Dianne that she graduated from high school on this date in 1964.  (Did they have High Schools back then? Her diploma is on a stone tablet.) How does she remember that kind of stuff?  It was nice being back to the motorhome at 4 PM instead of our 6 or 7 arrival times the last couple of days.   

Not sure what we will do tomorrow.  Right  now nothing sounds good.

The link(s) below will get you to a Skydrive account that has a few pictures from today.

Click on a photo to get a larger view.!270&authkey=!ABy1_z1id-n1Mtg


 License plates spotted – 44 States, Washington DC, 4 Canadian Province, 1 Mexican state


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