Saturday May 26 – Cortez, CO

Wow!  The only way to describe today is with 4 letter words (&^*%).  No, not those kinds of word.  Words like Wind, Dust, Dirt, Blow, Gust, Grit.   If you get the general idea (oops, another 4 letter word), it is windy here today.  The news reports say 40 MPH winds gusting to 60 MPH. I’m not sure how accurate that is but I think I just saw Dorothy and Toto fly by the window followed by a funny looking  lion and a couple flying monkeys.  We didn’t want to venture too far out into the dust bowl today so we decided to just stay close to our little rockin’ and rollin’ abode and do a bit of geocaching in town while the town is still here.  That was a real adventure trying to read street signs in the middle of a dust storm. Cortez is a nice, clean (except for all the dust flying through today) town with pockets of hovels.  There are outstanding parks and newer looking municipal buildings that make a nice use of brick.  Anyway we did find 10 geocaches before giving up and going home and take a shower.  As I am writing this it is around 4:00 PM and there is so much dust in the air it is as dark as 8:00 at night.  The good news is that there are little to no trees here to blow down and take out the power lines although our power did go out here once already.  The bad news is there are little to no trees here to block the wind.  We just got word that the strongest winds are expected this evening.  We may be joining Dorothy here shortly.  You have to feel sorry for those who chose today for their visit to Mesa Verde National Park.  Their cameras must be full of dirt and their view obscured across the valley into some of the ruins.  I wonder how many were blown off the ladders used to enter and exit the sites.

We hear there is a big forest (I’m not sure what their definition of a forest is) fire southwest of Albuquerque and the wind is blowing so hard that they cannot even attempt to contain it. Let’s hope it is out before we have to go that direction in about a week.

Tomorrow is not supposed to be as bad so we will try to go over to Durango CO to check out the town and maybe do a little more caching.

We enjoy reading your comments so keep those cards and letters coming folks.

The link(s) below will get you to a Skydrive account that has a few pictures from today.

Click on a photo to get a larger view.!277&authkey=!ADUPoByynLojT0g


Geocache count   Today  10   Trip Total 53

13 days on the road –  36 days to go

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