Sunday May 27 – Cortez, CO

It was really cold last night and might have made it up to 70 today.  Needed jackets part of the time.  Just a nice easy breeze instead of the blow-everything-away dust storm we had yesterday.  Supposed to be colder tonight – down to 28.  Yikes!  We weren’t expecting this.  After lunch we headed east to check out the town of Durango, the biggest city in these here parts.  In fact, probably the only city because the rest only qualify as towns.  A fence must have blown down in yesterday’s storm because we saw cattle alongside the highway and a lot of cowboys on horses trying to round them up.  As we were traveling Dianne was looking at info about the area and discovered a casino about 10 miles SE of Durango–so guess where we went first.  After getting player’s club cards with complimentary money on them we played on their money for about 2 ½ hours and left $13 ahead.  Not a lot but it is so nice to leave ahead of what you started with.  Headed back into Durango to do some geocaching and found about a million people and 2 million bicycles in town.  The streets we needed to travel to get to most of the caches were blocked off.  We did find a couple on the side of town not taken over by the event and headed west back to Cortez. As we were leaving town we drove down a street full of lodging possibilities.  Competition for customers must be fierce and we had to chuckle at one sign that read “Last motel for 150 feet”.  Found a geocache at a very nice rest area on our trip home and took a picture of a mountain range to the west called “The Sleeping Ute”.  Someone had a great imagination to come up with that but if you squint and turn your head just right you can sort of see someone on their back with their head to the north, arms crossed on their chest and feet way down at the southern end of the range.  The people in the rig on one side of us have been gone 99% of the time since we have been here and Wayne returned their flying carpet from the middle of the street to the ground next to their motorhome a couple of times during the wind yesterday.  This evening they showed up and we found out they own the park!  Tomorrow we will prepare to travel again along with attending the 2:00 picnic here in the park.  Tuesday we head for Holbrook AZ and the Petrified Forest National Park.

Have a great Holiday!

The link(s) below will get you to a Skydrive account that has a few pictures from today.

Click on a photo to get a larger view.!282&authkey=!AFAy4_b9rWHcw0Y


Geocache count   Today  3   Trip Total 56

  1. #1 by mzkattim on May 27, 2012 - 10:57 pm

    Having a great time keeping up with your travels! Keep up the great work 🙂

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