Wednesday May 30 – Holbrook AZ

Up early this morning.  The guy in the site next to us got up about 6 AM and opened the door to his tow vehicle and slammed it shut about 4,324 times – right outside our bedroom window.  Grrr!!  He’s still there so will be interesting to see how tomorrow morning goes.  At least he is leaving tomorrow.  The positive in all that is we were at the visitor’s center at Petrified Forest National Park at 8:30 AM.  I think.  We have been on Mountain Daylight Savings Time since leaving Oregon a couple of weeks ago but Arizona (except for the Navajo Nation) does not go on Daylight Savings Time.  So we are back on Seattle time.  Day after tomorrow we will go east to Albuquerque and be back on Mountain Savings Daylight Time again.  Did you get all that?  Hope so because we are so confused!!   But who cares about what time it is after all we are on vacation. Saved another $10 with the Old Geezer Pass.  In Cortez many of the stores had parking spaces near the door marked “Senior Citizen Parking Only”.  Great idea-wish it would catch on everywhere.  

The early morning sun was perfect for taking pictures in the Painted Desert – the part of the park on the north side of the freeway.  According to one of the signs, the air quality there is the purest in the US.  What an opportunity!  We almost hyperventilated filling up on that great air for future use.  It was so clear that we could see mountains 120 miles away.  The many colors in the desert were very beautiful.  Sadly our cameras don’t pick up the intensity of the colors compared to what we saw.  At one of the stops along the way there was an old, old rusty car on what was Route 66 before it was replaced by nearby I-40. They have even left the row of old telephone poles that once marched along Route 66.  In the part of the park south of the freeway we saw a pueblo site, petroglyphs, more amazing colors, antelope, lizards, dinosaur skeletons, big ravens who knew we were eating lunch in the pickup-and wanted some, and lots of scared to death pieces of wood – also known as petrified trees.  The biggest petrified tree, called “Old Faithful” is 35 feet long and weighs 44 tons.  The afternoon temperature was around 90 but a nice breeze made the hikes we took bearable.  Just driving through the area on I-40 one would have no idea of the amazing and interesting things on each side of the freeway.  We found 5 geocaches during our 7 hours in the park.  While visiting a museum we were talking with a lady, now from Texas,  and discovered she and Wayne went to the same high school in Spokane, WA.  Small world!  Found another geocache on the way home and picked up a few things at Safeway.  Had a great dinner but made a mess of the kitchen.  Took longer to clean up than to fix the food.  Tomorrow we plan to drive about 30 miles west to Winslow and then do some local geocaching.  Supposed to be in the mid 90’s tomorrow.

More later. 

The link(s) below will get you to a Skydrive account that has a few pictures from today.

Click on a photo to get a larger view.!290&authkey=!AAsCt91Mjg5ts5A


 Geocaches   Today 8    Trip Total  65


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