Friday June 1 – Albuquerque NM

On the 18th day of our trip we left Holbrook about 9:30 AM in sort of cool temperatures with a nice breeze and arrived in Albuquerque around 4 PM in 95 degree weather – their hottest day of the year so far.  Forecast for tomorrow is 96.  We are wilting and drying out!  Slathering on lotion with aloe and sunscreen and smearing chap stick on our lips in an effort to prevent “chopped lips” as our youngest used to say.  Her description seems very appropriate.  We didn’t see smoke as we were traveling but now the wind is bringing quite a bit of smoke from the wildfire in the western part of New Mexico.  A record size fire in this state. We keep telling them they don’t have to keep going above and beyond on our account but they don’t seem to be listening.

 Lots of roadwork going on out there today.  It didn’t have anything to do with roadwork but we saw the first accident of the trip.  A semi was off the road on its side with its load of what looked like lettuce spilled all over the place.  It was on our side of the freeway so we were going to stop with our forks and salad dressing but they seemed to want to keep traffic moving for some reason. 

 We bypassed several casinos and only stopped at one today.  We decided it better be a great place because they have more advertising billboards along the freeway than Wall Drug has in South Dakota-and that’s a lot.  Well, it turned out to be a pretty great place since we left $50 ahead.  Also had lunch at their buffet for $5.99 each.  Salmon, flatiron steak, great fresh fruit, good soup and coconut cream pie for dessert.  There is another casino 9 miles from our RV park that we will have to check out too.  Interesting that there are a couple of large casinos near us at home but we hardly ever go to them.  Guess we are making up for it on the trip.

 No pictures today.

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