Wednesday/ Thursday June 13/14 – Denver CO.

We pulled into Denver early Wednesday afternoon. Cherry Creek State Park in right in the middle of the Denver Metro area.  It is Colorado’s oldest State Park but has been kept up nicely.  We are camped in a new loop that was recently completed and the sites are very far apart and level. After setting up camp we consulted our maps and headed into town so we could add a picture of Colorado’s State Capitol Building to our collection.  We have 13 Capitol pictures  so far and will add Cheyenne in a few days.  We have been to more capitals than 13 but didn’t decide to start a photo collection until recently.  Dianne heard a slot machine calling her name so we had to high tail west to Central City/ Black Hawk area to answer the call.  Central City and Black Hawk are old mining towns that were on the brink of extinction until the casinos came in.  Now they are still little towns but they have roughly 5,735 casinos in them. Some of the casinos are Reno type with a thousand or so slots while others are real small with 50 or so slots crammed into an area roughly the size of an average sized bed room. Dianne did okay walking away with around $16 of their money while Wayne did his normal donation to the economy.  We didn’t get back to the motor home until around 10 PM and were so exhausted from pushing that “Spin” button that neither one of us was up to posting to the blog.

This morning (Thursday) we headed north to Rocky Mountain National Park. On the trip north and east to the park we chuckled at a sign pointing to the town of Hygiene and laughed out loud at an official state sign that read “In case of flooding climb to safety”.  We saved $20 with the Old Geezer Pass at the park entrance.  We are up to $92 saved.  This park boasts the highest major highway in North America and tops out at 12,183 feet. Before entering the park we stopped at a Visitors center to mail a post card and get a map of the area.  The person at the center was very informative and even told us there were going to be 2500 bicyclists going through the park today.  Oh Joy. We had visions of 2500 bicycles on a two lane very crooked mountain highway going about .0009 MPH.  Ugh!  Fortunately for us the bikes were going East while we were going West so we didn’t have to worry about trying to get around them.  But we did have to worry about the East bound cars that wanted to take their half of the road from our side as they tried to go out around the bikers.  We tried to give them as much room as possible but it is a little hard to yield too much territory when the road was very narrow and 6 inches off the pavement is a 6000 drop down a sheer cliff.  Oh, and there were no guard rails. With a few choice words we made it through the ordeal okay but it may take a while to remove Dianne’s finger prints from the arm rests.  We talked with some of the bikers at a pullout.  They were on the Bike the Rockies event and said today’s 63 miles was a short day.  They started the morning at 8300 feet, road up to 12,183 feet and ended back at around 8,000 feet.  And this was only one day of the 6 day event.  Amazing!  While the air wasn’t crystal clear we didn’t find the smoke from the big fire north of the park to be much of a problem for picture taking.  However, the fire and smoke are bad enough they are rerouting part of the Bike the Rockies event. When we were at Pikes Peak a couple days ago we saw a road side warning about Big Foot sightings. Well they have nothing to worry about as we saw the elusive Big Foot at the Alpine Visitors  Center in the Park at the 11,796 foot level.  (See the pictures for proof of the Big Foot sighting.)

We would like to officially dispute any claims that Seattle has the worst traffic in the country.  Denver’s population is 8,500 less than Seattle’s but I-5 is never as gridlocked as I-25 was today through downtown Denver at 6 PM.  We thought for sure there must have been an accident to cause the mess but it was only lots and lots and lots of traffic.  Both directions of the freeway were stopped or traveling at 5 mph for miles.

On the schedule for tomorrow is a tour of the Coors Brewery. Burp.

Keep those cards and letters coming folks….

Gas Watch – Estes Park (Right outside the East Gate of Rocky Mountain National Park)  $3.54

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