Friday June 15 – Denver CO

Wow another wild night.  No it’s not what you are thinking. Shame on you.  Around 3 AM we were awakened by thunder, lighting and RAIN. This wasn’t just a little rain but a real gully washer.  Yesterday we saw a sign saying “In case of flooding climb to safety”.   We were just that far away from climbing to safety.  Anyway they really needed it here to help with all the wild fires but we felt sorry for those camping in tents. Things eventually calmed down a bit and we finally got back to sleep about 4 AM.

After a late rising we decided to go to Golden and tour the Coors Brewery.  This is the largest single site brewery in the world extending for 5 miles down the valley. The huge copper kettles they use produce around 27,000 6 packs of beer.  They produce an incredible lot of beer here.  Each week they ship around 300 rail cars full of beer.  To give you some sort of idea how much beer that is, if you have a single railcar full of six packs and drank one 6 pack a day it would take somewhere around 90 years to empty the railcar.  On the other hand if you brought the railcar to the WSU campus it would be drained before it stopped rolling.  They run a lot of people through the tours everyday but most of the people on the tour have no interest in how beer is made they just want to get to the sampling room at the end of the tour.  Everyone gets to sample three of their beers.  These are not just little samples but three full glasses of beer.  Three beers before lunch….  Where is the nearest AA meeting???

After the tour we did find two geocaches in an interesting place called the Triceratops Trail. Triceratops Trail features dinosaur tracks that are around 68 million years old and are what are call negative tracks, or outies. These tracks, viewed in 3D from the bottom, formed when the animal stepped in the mud, which was then filled with sand, forming a natural cast, and then tilted vertical by the uplift of the Rocky Mountains. These processes left the tracks sticking out from the wall since that original layer of mud (turned clay) was mined away, and the sandstone cast is all that is left behind.  We saw fossils of palm fronds, logs, rain drops and bird tracks.

Just down the road a couple miles we went to a place called Dinosaur Ridge.  Here you can walk up a road and see tracks that were made by two types of dinosaurs as they walked along a beach 100 million years ago.  In one area, also tipped almost vertical, there are around 300 tracks made by 35-37 animals. 

We headed back to the campground with a detour to Costco and Safeway.  Had Costco chicken and salad for dinner, did dishes and are ready to head to bed once we get this posted.  An uninterrupted night’s sleep sounds good to us.

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