Saturday June 16 Denver CO

When we got up this morning we asked each other what we wanted to do today.  We had several places to go see today but they are closed on the weekends. We have only had one day so far in 4 ½ weeks that we haven’t traveled or gone sightseeing and couldn’t find anything open than tempted us so we decided to have a down day and do nothing.  That is just what we did-Nuttn’ absolutely Nuttn’.  We just stayed around the motor home walked around the campground and took naps.  After all we are on vacation…  Great weather in the 70’s.  Felt like home without the rain – except for a short sprinkle in the afternoon.  Walking around the campground wasn’t exactly nothing.  This place is huge – 129 sites plus 3 group camp areas that aren’t numbered.  There could have been 3 times that many sites but whoever designed the place left a lot of trees and spaced the sites far apart.  This park even has free Wi-Fi and vending machines in the nearby bathroom/laundry room that include ice cream treats.  We are very spoiled now after 9 days with lots of elbow room in beautiful Colorado state parks.  Going back to parking lot camping in RV parks is going to be a shock.

We did have a couple of unexpected visitors this afternoon though, a deer, a squirrel and a turkey (the feathered kind, not the human kind).  Neither one was not overly concerned about all of the people gawking at them.  Speaking of animals, when we found one of our geocaches yesterday there was a lizard sitting on top of the rock we had to move to get to the container.  Taking its picture and speaking nicely to it seemed to be the key since it scurried off.  When we checked back at the site later it was once again stationed on the rock guarding the geocache.

It sure felt good having a down day.

Not sure what is on the docket for tomorrow –besides melting – they are predicting 96 degrees.  Not good for the fire situation to the northwest.  This fire has destroyed more homes than any other Colorado fire.  If we were thinking of visiting here and saw the reports about the fire on TV we would choose not to come but it really hasn’t bothered anything we wanted to do.


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