Sunday June 17 – Denver CO

 This is our last day in Denver and we decided we needed to be able to say we have been to Boulder, Colorado.  So we hopped in the truck and set off.  First we drove around in the park where we were staying.  Cherry Creek State Park is HUGE with lots of open space and is anchored around a 880 surface acre reservoir.  The park offers a natural prairie environment of gentle, rolling hills and complete outdoor recreation facilities, including camping, picnicking and facilities for group events.  It also has a huge marina, model airplane flying, horseback riding and a family shooting range.  When we were driving around this morning people we saw people waiting in line to get into the park and then waiting in a long line to try to launch their various types of watercraft.  Tonight there was a long line of cars trying to get out of the park.  Of course it is Sunday, Father’s Day and a record breaking 98 degree temperature day.  This is the second place we have been while they had record breaking high temperatures.  There are so many bicyclists using the park roads and trails that we think the 2500 bicyclists we met in Rocky Mountain Natl Park came here for their next leg of Ride the Rockies.  We have to wonder whatever happened to their event since the big fire to the northwest is worse and today there is a new one to the southwest.  All of the rain we get at home seems not so bad compared to roaring wildfires-with no end in sight.

But, as Sophia would say, I digress.  We had a nice drive to Boulder and even found a route that didn’t involve getting on the dreaded I-25 through downtown Denver.  Boulder seemed like a nice, very modern town and now we can say we have been there.  On the way home we decided to check out another state park that we had considered for our stay here.  There were so many people lined up to get into that park, that also has a reservoir, that we figured it would take us more than 45 minutes to get in long enough to drive around for five minutes and drive back out.  Was it worth the wait?  No way!!  We got out of line and headed back to the motorhome.

Arrived back home to the news that a great niece born today has a heart murmur and lots of stuff in her lungs and that a good friend came through brain surgery with flying colors only to suffer a stroke, have a second surgery and be in very critical condition.  Lots of praying going on here.

Thank you Brian, Tessa and Valerie for the Christmas gift card that we used for dinner at Applebees.  Such a great time to use it – 98 degrees outside… too hot to cook.

The good news is tomorrow’s trip north to Cheyenne is only 105 miles.  The bad news is we heard on the news tonight that smoke from the fire northwest of Denver is blowing into Cheyenne.

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