Thursday June 21 – Cheyenne WY

Today we explored a lot of Cheyenne mostly by hunting for geocaches.  We did a lot of walking and found 9 of them bringing our total finds to 624.  One of those was very creatively hidden inside the free Montana State Museum in downtown near the capitol building.  Wonderful museum that we might not have visited had it not been for the geocache.  A bonus was the instruction to let the clerk in the museum store know when we found the geocache and receive a free gift.  The lady in the store who gave us our tiny ½ inch bison was more excited about us finding the cache than we were and kept congratulating us J  We also received a coupon for free dessert at a nearby Mexican fast food restaurant and since we needed to eat lunch anyway we walked four blocks to the restaurant  and used our coupons.

 Took a picture of the Dinneen Garage building that was a family owned car dealership for many, many years.  The spacious building featured a special hydraulic lift that raised cars to the auto shop on the second floor.   Using only city water pressure, it would take just 50 gallons of water to silently lift a car to the top level in under a minute.  Also took a picture of the Tivoli Saloon and Brothel.  Prostitution was legal in Wyoming until 1938 and the upper floors of the Tivoli were well known to many.  Wyoming was the last state to ratify Prohibition and the basement of the Tivoli housed a popular speakeasy during that time. 

 After a quick stop a Walmart for some food supplies we headed back to the RV Park for the evening.

 Tomorrow we head for Lander, WY  – a 271 mile day.  Supposed to be hot again for our visit there.

There are two more casinos there..   Send money….

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