Friday June 22 – Lander WY.

The word for the day is wind.  We packed up this morning and headed northwest to Lander, Wyoming. As soon as we hit Interstate 80 the wind came up and didn’t stop.  There were signs on the highway warning of gusts of 35+ MPH.  It was more of the + than the 35.   The gusts were from the side, the front, the back and sometimes it felt that the gusts were coming from all sides at the same time. 

The other word for the day is nothing.  That more or less describes what we saw in this part of Wyoming.  Nothing.  Lots and lots of nothing.  For 300 miles all we saw was rolling hills, a huge wind farm that reminded us of home, sage brush a few cows and 3 antelope.  There is a reason why Wyoming is the least populated state.  There is nothing here.  There are more pronghorn antelope than people.

We blew (literally) into Lander around 2:00 this afternoon. After setting up camp guess what we had to do???  Give up?  Let me give you a hint.   “Casino”  Yep, we visited one of the local casinos. A friendly lot they were.  They actually gave each of us $20 seed money to play with and we actually walked out with $40.28 of their money.

Tomorrow we will check out the Sinks State Park and probably another casino.

Send money…

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