Monday June 25 – Yellowstone National Park

 We didn’t do a blog update yesterday.  Left Lander, WY at 9 AM and headed northwest.  Drove through miles and miles of what we decided should be named a National Sagebrush Forest.  We crossed the Continental Divide 4 times with the highest pass at being 9600 feet above sea level.  We have been above 7000 feet for about 90% of this trip so far.  We hadn’t realized how much we missed lush green grass and trees over 6 feet tall until we were driving down the west side of the Divide with the Tetons looming in the distance.  We saved another $25 with the Old Geezer pass when we entered Grand Teton National Park and headed north.  Thought we might save another $25 when we approached the south entrance to Yellowstone National Park but they said the $25 paid to be in both parks for 7 days.  We would not choose this time of the year to visit Yellowstone but it was on our route back home so we decided to stop here anyway.  Driving a motorhome through all of the people parking on the road to check out the local animals was not a pleasant experience but we eventually arrived at Grizzly Bear RV park in West Yellowstone about 2 PM.  Really nice park and very full.  So glad we made reservations last April.  We had a late lunch and at 4:00 we went back into the park to catch the 7:00 showing of Old Faithful.  Our hope was that people would be heading to where ever “home” was for the night to feed the kids.  It seemed to work.  We enjoyed watching the eruption, checking out the information center and gift shop and exploring the Old Faithful Inn without crowds.  The Inn is very rustic but the prices to spend a night are not.  We got ice cream at a shop in the lobby and found some rocking chairs calling our names to relax in while eating it.  A very enjoyable evening but – we didn’t get back to the RV until 9:30.  After a 12 ½ hour day we had some salad for dinner, relaxed a bit and went to bed.

 Today we left about 8:30 and stopped at the RV park office for free coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate on our way to the park.  Walked over 3 miles while we saw all kinds of interesting things, found a bunch of geocaches, had lunch, took a lot of pictures and arrived back at the RV about 6:30.  Took showers, fixed dinner and now we get to put titles on the millions of pictures we took today.

 Tomorrow we will do the Mammoth Hotsprings loop of the park.

 Picture link

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