Thursday June 28 – West Yellowstone, MT

Another cold night (high 30’s)but today was very nice.  Around 80 degrees and just a little breeze. 

 Our first adventure this morning was visiting the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.  Our senior entry cost of $9.75 was good for 2 visits in two days.  When we got to the bear area there were about 15 kids wandering around inside the fenced area.  Our first thought was that the Center couldn’t afford to buy bear food and that these were human sacrifices.  We were relieved to find out the kids were just having fun in there hiding bear food (apple slices) under rocks and logs.  After the kids came out, two bears, who knew exactly how to play the game, came in and immediately began shoving the rocks and logs out of the way and eating the food.  This provided some great photo ops and some very excited kids yelling, “He found mine!  He found mine”!  The wolves were all stretched out in the sunshine sound asleep but we found some raptors to photograph. 

 As we were leaving Wayne spotted a Delaware license plate.  We now are missing only Rhode Island – just like last year’s trip.  We have been to Rhode Island and we know their cars have license plates.  Maybe they aren’t allowed to travel outside the state borders?  But then again how many cars can Rhode Islandhave?

 Next we headed into town – a whole 3 blocks away.  There are an amazing number of hotels, motels and cabins in this town – some look very nice, others not so much.  One is named the “Hibernation Station”.  We did some shopping, had a great pizza for lunch and Huck Finn sundae for dessert.  Yummy huckleberry ice cream!!!  Went back to the motorhome for showers and Dianne took a nap.  Back to the Discovery Center in the evening.  A different group of kids were hiding bear food but we were more interested in the wolves this time.  They were awake and while they were being fed in a locked area in the back, a staff member was putting meat out in the viewing area for the wolves to find. A wolf hade and seek.  Got some great pictures of them eating and doing some other “natural” things (see the pictures). 

 Tomorrow we head for Missoula.

 Picture link

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