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Monday June 2 – Heading Home

We haven’t posted for a couple of days, mostly because we have been taking it easy and relaxing so there hasn’t been much to report.  On Saturday we had a pleasant drive from Missoula to the K-M Park, Ponderosa Falls, just west of Spokane.  Set out for a walk around the park and ended up in a presentation about K-M’s latest upgrade possibility.  It offered nothing to entice us to spend more money but for listening we got a $25 gift certificate to Safeway and a free breakfast at the park on Sunday morning.  Not bad for just 10 minutes of listening to someone’s rambling for 10 minutes. Spent the rest of the afternoon checking out some of the places where Wayne spent time when he was growing up in Spokane and spending our newly acquired gift certificate.  Went to Manito Park and stopped at the beautiful gardens to smell the roses.  Came out ahead at the local casino when Dianne hit a $27 jackpot on a 20 cent bet.  Wayne did his usual donation to the local Indians.  After enjoying our free breakfast at the clubhouse Sunday morning we went to see Wayne’s high school.  It was a new school when he went there approximately 147 years ago – he was in the third graduating class in 1968 (don’t get that mixed up as being third in his graduation class, not even close).  He didn’t even recognize it when we got there as it is being totally remodeled and expanded.  When we were in Oregon 2 years ago we went to see Dianne’s high school that had recently been torn down and totally replaced.  How old does that make us feel?  Joined Wayne’s brother and sister-in-law at the casino’s buffet for a yummy dinner that included Dungeness crab.  They came out to see our motorhome and visited until 11 PM. 


This morning we are packing up and heading for home with mixed feelings.  Sad for this adventure to be ending but looking forward to being home again.  We will only be home long enough to do laundry and put more food in the motorhome before setting out for 5 days in Seaside OR on another adventure.

Be it ever so moldy there is no place like home.

 No pictures to share this time.



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